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Hellen van Rees 17-12 t/m 28-01

vrijdag 02 juni 2017

Hellen van Rees is an innovative fashion label that offers high-end contemporary womenswear alongside a range of accessories. It is an environmentally conscious brand that uses organic textiles and production leftovers for creation of its garments. Most of the production is done sustainably. We strive to offer our consumers a complete experience and develop our brand into something more than just clothing. 

“It’s about finding the balance of a professional result and still being able to see bits of process in our final products. Such liveliness and richness of the results we create in our garments cannot be replaced by a machine or an automated process. Differences occurring through a human action in a production process are worth celebrating”.

The brand offers avant-garde, based on traditional silhouettes and garment shapes, featuring unique textiles, hand-made fabrics, contrasting textures and innovative finishes. Hellen van Rees creates completely unique fabrics and garments that don’t compare to anything else out there. We like to take some extra effort for our clients and offer handmade garments that are made to measure for each client. There is a second line, WEAR, with great timeless, affordable pieces in standard sizes. All are available through our webshop. Hellen van Rees’ garments can also be found at select retailers.

Hellen van Rees is a brand for an elegant woman, who is also not afraid of wearing really incredible and sometimes outrageous textiles. She has an understanding of fashion, but also wants to wear special handmade products and is conscious of the environment.


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